In the minds of the majority, swimming pools conjure images of summer, fun, exercise, and relaxation. One of the common desires of many Toronto residents is to get immersed in the cool, refreshing water of a swimming pool, especially on hot summer days. In fact, there is no better way to cool off on a hot day in Toronto rather than relaxing in your own swimming pool. But when considering a new swimming pool install, it is possible to find different types of swimming pool construction, built with various construction materials such as concrete, fibreglass, vinyl liner, and many more.

No doubt, each pool type comes with pros and cons. But installing a concrete swimming pool can be the best bet for those looking for a durable and customizable option with a classic appearance. Are you thinking about installing a concrete pool in your backyard? Before you take the plunge (pun intended), let’s take a look at the benefits and cons of concrete pools.

Pros of Concrete Swimming Pool Install:

No way to deny the fact that concrete swimming pools come with a number of advantages. Some of the pros of Toronto swimming pool install include the following: 

Durability: Concrete pools are built to last, making them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. Besides that, concrete has an excellent reputation for being capable of resisting weathering effects, abrasion, and also other deterioration factors. As an added bonus, concrete is less vulnerable to cracking as well as damage over time. This actually ensures that your swimming pool install will last for years. In fact, if properly maintained, they can outlast even the most stubborn teenager’s love for TikTok.

Customization: Concrete pools offer endless possibilities for customization. Want a pool with a built-in hot tub? No problem. Want a pool shaped like a giant martini glass? Well, it might be a problem, but with concrete, the sky’s the limit!

Concrete swimming pools come in a wide variety of colours, finishes, and textures. So, Toronto homeowners can choose the perfect concrete swimming pool based on their needs and preferred style during the backyard renovation.

Aesthetically Pleasant: It is possible to finish your concrete swimming pool install in accordance with your backyard style during the Toronto backyard work. So, while preparing for the concrete swimming pool install, homeowners have a wide variety of design options. In addition, concrete swimming pools can be easily stained, making it easier for homeowners to choose any interior finish matching the surrounding landscape.

In addition, concrete offers a greater range of colour options perfect for swimming pools. So, if you are looking for a swimming pool that not only looks attractive but also complements your home, the concrete swimming pool is ideal for you.

Cost Effective: Concrete pools can be a cost-effective option over time. Sure, they may be more expensive initially, but with proper maintenance, they’ll save you money in the long run. Plus, you’ll always have a place to cool off during those scorching hot summer days.

Cons of Concrete Swimming Pool Install:

Although concrete swimming pools come with several advantages, they also have some drawbacks. Here are some cons of the Toronto swimming pool install:

High Initial Installation Cost: The main disadvantage of constructing a concrete swimming pool is the high installation cost associated with it. No doubt, while preparing for the swimming pool install, homeowners have to consider not only the higher cost of pool building materials but also the labour charges. This is probably the reason why concrete swimming pools are considered one of the most expensive swimming pools to build when compared to fibreglass or vinyl liner swimming pools.

Installation Time: Concrete pools take time to install. We’re talking months, not days. So, if you’re in a hurry to take a dip, this might not be the best option for you.

Maintenance: Concrete pools require regular maintenance to keep them in top shape. Besides that, regular cleaning is necessary to prevent algae formation. So, be prepared to spend some time scrubbing and skimming if you want to keep your pool looking pristine.

Weight: Concrete pools are heavy. Like, really heavy. So, make sure your backyard can handle the weight of a concrete pool before you start digging. In case you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced swimming pool contractor for expert assistance in Toronto backyard work.

In conclusion, concrete pools have their pros and cons, but if you’re looking for a durable and customizable option, they might be just what you’re looking for.  It is true that concrete swimming pools are built to last for decades if maintained properly with the help of a dependable swimming pool service provider. Just make sure you have the patience for the installation process and the willingness to put in some Toronto backyard work for maintenance. And most importantly, make sure your backyard can handle the weight during the backyard renovation! Happy swimming!